Save Manila Bay

Investigating Environmental Impacts of Land Reclamation Projects in Manila Bay Coastal Areas

June 24, 2020 1:05 pm

Bulacan is a province in the Philippines just north of the national capital region of Manila. At 34% poverty incidence, fisherfolk comprise one of the poorest sectors of Philippine society yet contribute greatly to the country’s food security. However, these communities are in danger of being displaced, their sources of livelihood destroyed, and the environment at risk in order to make way for massive land reclamation projects that claim to be development projects that will improve the economy and local communities’ everyday lives. The San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has plans to develop a 2,500-hectare Aerotropolis. The project is planned to be a metropolitan subregion where the layout, infrastructure, and economy are centered on an airport which serves as a multimodal “airport city” commercial core. Construction of the Aerotropolis would require removal of the already-vulnerable coastal communities.

The Bulacan community science team used satellite imagery, hazard data, and field work data to assess the physical condition of the study areas. They used Geographic Information System (GIS) for map creation and assessment of the study areas. The team collected data via field surveys and online data sets.

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