About Us

The People’s Network for the Integrity of Coastal Habitats and Ecosystems (People’s NICHE) is an alliance calling for the restoration, instead of reclamation, of the coastal waters of Manila Bay and in other parts of the country. It was established in 2012 following the first People’s Summit on the Impacts of Reclamation.

People’s NICHE is united on the following calls:

  • Impose a moratorium on all prospective reclamation projects until a more transparent, consultative, and scientifically sound coastal development policy is established.
  • Investigate and seek accountability for the violations on human rights, fisheries, and environmental policies in relation to reclamation.
  • Prioritize ecosystems restoration, disaster risk management, and climate change adaptation in the ongoing rehabilitation programs especially within reclamation areas.
  • Cancel reclamation projects that did not comply with local and national laws, and exact accountability for those who approved these projects.
  • Ensure the protection of key biodiversity areas, protected areas, heritage sites, fisheries conservation areas, productive fishing grounds, and other critical areas by declaring them as reclamation-free zones.
  • Initiate new government programs and policies on the people-driven management of our coastal and marine resources in accordance with the people’s collective interest for social justice, environmental protection, and genuine development.
  • Ensure zero eviction in reclamation areas until decent and affordable on-site or in-city relocation options are put into place.
  • Strengthen the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System particularly in democratizing and improving the transparency in its public scoping, hearing, and other social acceptability aspects.
  • Investigate and hold accountable onerous loans, portfolio investments, and other aspects of the foreign financing regimes for infrastructure development.
  • Increase the capability of our network and our partner communities in order to strengthen our ranks to oppose reclamation activities through united actions.